*For Business SA Members Only  -  Claim your Offer by April 30th 

*For Business SA Members Only  -  Claim your Offer by April 30th 

Nailbreak is an innovative South Australian employee engagement program providing convenient express manicure and pedicure services in the workplace. Our pampering services improve the overall well being of your employees, ultimately improving the bottom line for your business, because we all know that happy employees are more productive!

Nailbreaks services provide your employees with the opportunity to recharge and feel pampered in the middle of the work day, without ever needing to leave the office. They are driven to provide convenience for all their customers with a focus on hygiene and providing safe and sanitary services.


For Business SA members, Nailbreak is offering a free manicure package for new customers. The package includes 20-minute express manicures for 4 employees, performed in the office during lunch hours. All you have to do is select the 4 employees and provide a small space (ie. a conference room or quiet corner) for our technician to set up, and we’ll handle everything else. You can rest assured that we use natural products and quick dry polishes that won't create an odour in your workspace. The offer is available to the first 10 respondents.

*This offer is only available to locations in Metro Adelaide

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